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1957 Ford TBird stroker project

Completed 1957 T Bird Pro Touring

Owner John Sammon would like to have more power out of his 57 T Bird.

Our goal is keep the original engine with major internal modifications.

The 312 Y block will be bored & stroked to 331 cu. inches. The internals will be built for a future supercharger.

We will replace the heavy cast iron transmission with a much lighter aluminum C4. This transmission will also be built to withstand the extra boost.

The cast iron Ford-o matic is not only heavy but it lacks performance values. On the other hand Snider's West can build a Stage III C4 transmission to handle over 500hp. Notice the custom bell housing to mate the C4 to the Y block.

Complete Y block 331 stroker.

Highly modified stroker with H-beam rods, custom built forged pistons,custom cam & much more.

Drivetrain installed

Break in oil & other necessary fluids installed. Timing set & trans linkage calibrated

Foose wheels first test fit

Wheels installed with full turn & no rub

Custom exhaust installed

Top down cruising time!

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