Snider's West Image Gallery

Customers Rides II

2012 Street Glide

Rich Holst with matching shirt

1993 Ford Mustang

Bob Holst's Mustang with custom extended pedals

owner: Tim Solbrig/ Snider's West HD Trans

1971 Chevelle

owner: Keith Despeghel/ 500+ HP big block/ Snider's West Stage III OD Trans & HD 3.73 locker

owner: Randy Bierle

1979 El Camino

owner:Arnie Ash

1968 Firebird Pro Touring

owner: Jim Capranos

Street Glide

2007 Corvette

Rockford ride

Snider's West ride to Rocford, IL.

Custom Dodge Pup

Mustang/ Snider's West performance transmission

1967 Camaro Custom

owner: Doug Patch

1973 Dodge Dart

owner: Dennis Broughton

1973 Dodge Dart


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